Here are a few Projects I have been working on lately. You may click on them for more details.

Action Arcade Wrestling 3


A collaboration with the series originator, Dave Horn. Being developed in UE4.

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VICO Dynamics

VICO Dynamics physics Library

Particle based physics simulation library.

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Dynamic Rope System for UE4

Rope System for UE4

Physically simulated ropes in UE4.

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A new and unique way to create images from nothing but a few mathematical formulas.

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BombPong: Space Invasion


A new game set in the not too distant future space with a fresh new look at pong style gameplay.

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Shader Library for SunBurn

Shaders Library

Allows anyone using the SunBurn Game Engine to add and use Post-Processing effects like Depth of Field and Motion Blur without writing any code.

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