UE4 Plugin Settings

Several Simulation and Plugin settings are tweakable in the Project Settings window under VICO Dynamics

Settings Screenshot

Reserve Particle Budget

This is the number of Particles to reserve memory for at startup. VICO Dynamics pre-allocates all of its memory, so you’ll need to adjust this number depending on your use case. As a reference, the Examples project uses 340 Particles.

Enable Self-Collision

If true, Particles will be able to collide with one another.

Enable PhysX Scene Collision

If true, enables collision between Particles and other Rigid Bodies in the level.
NOTE: This is the first source of performance issues due to the nature of checking for possible collisions. Will be improved.

Simulation Framerate

The framerate at which the Simulation runs at.
NOTE: If your game runs at 30fps and this is set to 60, the simulation will do 2 frames worth of work! This can be tweaked at runtime, but may add instability in some cases.

Run Simulation on Worker Thread | *EXPERIMENTAL FEATURE*

EXPIREMENTEL: Not for production just yet!
Whether to run the Simulation Tick asynchronously on a worker thread.
This allows you to allocate the entire frame budget to the simulation without stalling the game thread.
NOTE: The VDTensionRopeComponent does exhibit strange behavior with this enabled in some cases.

Thread Core Affinity

The core on which the worker thread will run on, only really applies to Consoles.

Simulation Iterations

The number of Sub-steps, per-frame, the simulation takes.

Constraint Iterations

The number of iterations per-substep the constraint solver takes.

Draw Collision Debug

If true, draws debug info for collisions with RigidBodies.
Emerald for Sweep cached contact edge with the Orange line being the resolved link from the cache.
Purple for Swept contact edge with the Red line being the correction required to resolve the collision.

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