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Action Arcade Goodness To Come!

Ready For Arcade Action?

Silent Winter

After a long and silent winter from Dave and myself, I would like to use this post as a news report and a roadmap for things to come in the Action Arcade Wrestling Omni verse (pun intended). Let me start by saying we have been hard at work on the next AAW release. I think we only took a couple weeks off after AAW2 but more on that and why later, but we have not made much, if anything, public so this post will be the beginning of regular updates, progress reports and anything else we can think of.

We’re now tremendously excited to formally announce that Dave and I will be co-releasing the next version in the AAW series: Action Arcade Wrestling 2 Turbo.

Action Roadmap

Let’s get right to the point, this is what the roadmap looks like from thirty thousand feet:

  1. AAW2 on XBLIG - Released and available here.
  2. AAW2:Turbo – an enhanced port on PC – coming to Steam Greenlight and/or other PC distribution channels, hopefully earning enough funds to proceed to number 3…
  3. AAW3 on PS4/PC and maybe Xbox One (if MS gives the greenlight... again, pun intended)
  4. Unknown/unplanned... but hopefully AAW4

That is a very abstract look at our plans as of today. Let me cover a few details on the next release and the one after it because they are interconnected in a way.

Near Future

The next release, AAW2 Turbo, which will be the PC enhanced port of AAW2, is meant to be a stepping stone for the series to the next-gen graphics and consoles. It will feature new functionality and technologies never seen in the AAW series.  More on that in the coming months.

Now in order to bring the series to next-gen consoles, PS4 for example, we need at least $10k to just get the dev hardware. This does not include anything but equipment to begin development for the PS4. Ideally we would love to take this series to the next level by bringing it to Unreal Engine 4 but that’s another $50k per platform. 

So to put this into perspective, a budget of $10k for a PS4 release is doable, but it will mean that we will have to develop an engine from scratch and that will take a lot of time - meaning a long gap between releases. On the other hand, if we have at least $60k to cover PS4 dev equipment and Unreal Engine 4 (the engine that powered WWE all Stars), we would be building a top a solid engine with mostly everything implemented. We would only focus on gameplay and content. If we want a PC release along side then we need an additional $50k for UE4 PC license. Using UE4 is certainly above and beyond any budget we currently have; it is a possibility that the AAW2 Turbo PC release raises that budget.

Before that happens though we will need your help to get AAW2 Turbo greenlit on Steam. This will begin with an alpha release for Steam. We’re hoping this can happen near the summer months, but obviously not committing to anything at this point. 

Regular Hits of Arcade Action Goodness

Like I said before, this post is the beginning of regular/semi-regular posts on the progress of AAW2 Turbo for the PC. Dave and myself will most likely take turns putting posts together that way you don’t read the ramblings of a core developer, me, every post. I do apologize for not having anything to show in this post but I promise I’ll make it up to you all in the next post.

Till next time,


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  • Anony


    09 February 2014 at 07:14 |
    Removed for offensive language - Admin
    • Admin


      09 February 2014 at 08:16 |
      I'm going to make a big assumption here and that is the fact that you read the post carefully. If so, you completely missed the point of it. We are NOT asking ANYONE for ANY MONEY, we are publicly laying out our plans/timelines. We would have done a Kickstarter campaign otherwise.

      On the note of indie devs, we don't have tons of money. Therefore we use other means possible to fund our projects.
      On the note of UDK, again NOT UDK but UE4: there is a big difference. Despite even that, you should have read that that will only occur under certain circumstances and we wanted to share our thoughts on them with the public.
      On the note of Indie projects suck, have you sir been under a rock the last few years? Near most everyone will disagree with you on that statement.

      In any case, best of luck to you sir.
  • Chris Law

    Chris Law

    10 February 2014 at 03:22 |
    I`d just like to say I think what the topic creator layed out was pretty straight forward.

    They are NOT asking anyone for any money. Like they said they are publicly laying out their plans/timelines.

    I think in my opinion indie games are the best!! I also prefer indie movies.

    They bring things, new, exciting and unique to the table.

    The makers of these games here are giving us fans an excellent opportunity to speak our opinions on what they have planned.

    With all due respect to 2K Games they do not really seem to listen much to the little guy. These gentlemen making the Action Arcade Wrestling games do!

    I will support indie (indie wrestling games mostly) until the day that I die.

    Typical indie dev wants to greenlight a game they have not finished you say anony? Another thing about these guys making the Action Arcade Wrestling games is they actually DO have a track record of making complete games. So that argument would very much likely not resemble them.

    In closing to Mr. Dave Horn and company (making these awesome Action Arcade Wrestling games) Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you also for the opportunity you give us fans for our value/input. Best of luck to you guys both now and in the future. Can`t wait to see all the neat things you guys come up with.

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