In the beginning there was darkness... But then... BANG!

Where it all began.

It was approximately 2 months ago when I got the idea for a new game, a game where I put my own twist on a classic favorite, Pong. You’re probably thinking: “Pong?! You’re crazy right? How can that be made awesome?” How about adding bombs instead of a ball, making it 2.5D and putting it in space?
Interested right? Sure hope so because the vision I have for this game is awesome, at least in my head. The basic idea behind this game is that you will be controlling a space ship that uses a plasma beam to “bounce” a bomb/bombs through the level destroying aliens, debris and other cool stuff like asteroids but not upon contact, no that’s too simple. Instead each bomb type has its own trigger mechanism, whether it’s upon button press, time, proximity, list goes on. Don’t know if you noticed but I did just say “each bomb.” Yep, many types of bombs. You pick them, upgrade them and unlock them throughout the game. You may be thinking “but what about the damn ship? Can I upgrade that thing too?” The answer is: Yes! I’ll go a step further and let you customize it too! You know, color it, paint it, and add designs on it and more. Oh and one last thing; the physics will be close to real life. I’m a big fan of physics based games and this game will utilize them in the gameplay. The style the game will take is a cartoony Pixar type feel to it. I want it to be fun and appealing to a broad spectrum of people. Because I’m nowhere near an artist, I decided to hire a talented young artist with fresh ideas and we have been working on a few concepts for the past months. Figuring out the look/feel, the UI and gameplay. We have a pretty good splash screen put together which may be revised later but I thought I’d show you guys anyway as a teaser.
Splash Screen Revision 1
This game will be released on the Xbox 360 as an Indie game first then it will be released for Windows 8 with better graphics and new features and then a version for Windows Phone 8 will fallow.
I think this is it for an intro to my development blog, hope you guys enjoyed it and are excited as I am. I will be making more posts on a weekly basis, usually every few days as things get done. Please leave a comment or question or even a suggestion.

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